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Little Sheep
падший, прикол, ангел, пиво

Once upon a time there was a silly sheep. He was so silly that believed everything he was told, never questioned anything he faced and had no his own opinion.



But not only he was silly but also he was a very stubborn sheep, because every third party's narrow-minded opinion he was injected with he would defend till his last breathe.

Moreover, he was the stubborn angry sheep, who would get involved in any argument you could imagine. If i were a doctor, i would prescribe him the anger management sessions. but anyhow...

This little silly angry sheep was lonely and did not bother me at all. Until today. Today he met another little silly sheep who has the same issues and views. So now he is assured that his unimaginable stupidity is a norm.

This is how SHEEPLE are born. God save PEOPLE.


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